The ProTrack 3.0 License

The ProTrack License

A ProTrack License costs € 299 and includes the following elements:
1. ProTrack 3.0: The advanced stand-alone dynamic scheduling software tool integrating baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control that runs on Windows.
2. Online integration with PM Knowledge Center: The automatic integration with PM Knowledge Center and an automatic free login to member areas using your personal ProTrack login user name and password.
3. Support: Automatic online access to a personal support page by one simple click to communicate with the OR-AS support center.

ProTrack Installation

Step 1. Order a ProTrack license using the OR-AS Order Form (hard copy or online).
Step 2. The ProTrack owner receives a user name and login to access his/her personal support page.
Step 3. ProTrack 3.0 can be downloaded from the personal support page and installed on one computer.
Step 4. Upon installation, the ProTrack owner has to input a serial number and request a release code to unlock the license. When the user is online, this serial number will be automatically sent to the owner to unlock the installed version.
Note. The ProTrack support page is your central place to get in contact with us. All updates will be put on the personal support page of the ProTrack owner and can be downloaded there. Reporting problems, making suggestions and expressing any other idea or concern can be done on this page as well.