Try ProTrack before buying

ProTrack Demo Version

A free demo version of ProTrack can be requested. This demo version has a restricted functionality and expires after one month. Click here to request a restricted demo version.

ProTrack Student Edition

Since ProTrack is an ideal learning tool that can be easily integrated in any Project Management course, a free ProTrack Student Edition is available for download. We offer these academic edition software licenses to "Qualified Educational Users" free of charge. These licenses are valid for one year and can be renewed. The software licensed as "Academic Edition" is fully functional, and full technical support is included. To read the complete software license, click here.

How to qualify as a Qualified Educational User?
OR-AS requires appropriate identification for educational orders, prior to delivering the free software. Appropriate identification requires the submission of documents to proof the valididy of the academic edition submission. Therefore, a photocopy of a valid and current student ID must be provided that includes the student's name, date, and a photograph. If the student does not have such an ID, he or she must provide a photocopy of a valid photo ID and one of the following items:
  • Non-photo student ID with name and date
  • School transcript indicating name of school and student
  • School tuition bill indicating name of school and student
  • Report card indicating name of school and student
  • Other dated proof of enrollment

These documents should be digitalized and uploaded during the authentication process.

Register as a Qualified Educational User?
Click here to request a fully functional academic version.

ProTrack Course Edition

ProTrack can be easily and freely used in any Project Management course by both teachers and students. When teachers buy a course version of ProTrack 3.0, they can request a Master Key that they can share with their students. In this case, students do not have to upload all documents as described above (ProTrack Student Edition) but instead provide the Master Key during registration. Teachers can order a full ProTrack 3.0 version and register their course to obtain a Master Key here.

The teacher course edition ProTrack package contains:

  • A full ProTrack 3.0 license at the normal price of € 299. This version is similar in price and functionality as the commercial version and has no limitations in functionality and expiry date. Read our commercial ProTrack 3.0 license here.
  • A master key that can be shared with the students to obtain a free student version. These free student versions have a full functionality but expire after finishing the course. They cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Buy a ProTrack course edition?
Click here to buy a ProTrack 3.0 course edition and register your course to obtain student master keys.