Take a look at ProTrack 3.0

Example files in ProTrack

Currently, a few example files can be downloaded that can be used for the Mumum Paraná II bridge project (C) case study. Download the zipped file here.

ProTrack 3.0 screenshots

The welcome screen of ProTrack 3.0 gives you an overview of our ProTrack's features. Access to PM Knowledge Center, links to our bookstore and information about the latest developments of our research projects will be posted there.

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Baseline scheduling

ProTrack's baseline scheduler constructs project networks with activity constraints, all types of precedence relations, renewable and consumable resources, and many more, and allows the user to construct a critical path or a resource feasible schedule using automatic leveling techniques. The generation of a project network can also be done automatically using a project network generator in order to have a quick access to the features of ProTrack's baseline scheduler without entering all detailed data.


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Risk analysis

ProTrack's risk analyser includes a sensitivity scan of the project activities to measure their time, cost and resource sensitivity. This scan generates a sensitivity report indicating the potential impact of time and cost changes on the total project duration and budget and can be used as relevant parameters during project control. A quick and easy as well as an advanced risk simulator can be used during risk analysis.


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Project control

Contolling project is key to the success of a project. With its central focus on project control, ProTrack offers a rich variety of tools and techniques to project managers, including well-known Earned Value Management analyses and reports, novel Earned Schedule reporting as well as forecasting techniques and automatic tracking possibilities. The project control features of ProTrack are continuously updated and fed by new research results taken from our research projects to be one step further than the current state-of-the-art knowledge.


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