ProTrack 3.0

Dynamic scheduling on your desktop

ProTrack (acronym for Project Tracking) is a project management software tool developed by OR-AS to offer a simple, easy to use and effective alternative to the numerous project management software tools. The software has been built based on the results of award winning research studies and many discussions with practitioners.

The central focus on dynamic scheduling as an integration of baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control is one of the key features of ProTrack to assure an improved project performance measurement approach and better project success. All features are based on the current best practices of scheduling and Earned Value Management and on novel concepts such as Earned Schedule.

ProTrack 3.0 is a complete redesigned version of the smart version of ProTrack 2.0. Its integration with PM Knowledge Center and its strong focus on the integration of baseline scheduling, risk analysis and project control makes it yet a stronger learning tool to stimulate interaction between researchers, students and practitioners in the field of project management and dynamic scheduling. 

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ProTrack License

A ProTrack License costs € 299 and includes the following elements:

  • ProTrack 3.0: A stand-alone ProTrack 3.0 version that runs on Windows.
  • Online integration with PM Knowledge Center: An automatic free online integration with PM Knowledge Center with free access to member areas.
  • Support: Automatic online access to a personal support page.

More information

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Academic research

ProTrack is founded on solid academic research published in high-quality international journals, books and awarded by recognized organizations. Visit our research webpage.

Research Award by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in 2008 for the book "Measuring Time".
Research Collaboration Funding award PMI Belgium in 2007 for the study on Earned Value Management.